Artificial Wreath Care & FAQ

How long do handmade wreaths last?

With proper care and storage, artificial wreaths can last for many seasons. Their longevity depends on the quality of materials used and exposure to elements if used outdoors. If the wreath is a preserved natural material, it will also last many seasons if cared for properly according to the product directions.

Can artificial wreaths be used outdoors?

Yes, many artificial wreaths are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, to extend their lifespan, it's recommended to hang them in covered areas to protect from direct sunlight and harsh weather.

How do I care for my exclusive handmade wreath?


To properly clean artificial flowers, simply use a feather duster, compressed air, or a hairdryer on a cool setting. Faux flowers can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. For Real Touch flowers, use a wet melamine foam sponge to gently wipe petals.


Bending: Most artificial flowers have a wired stem. To style a faux floral wreath that looks real, you can bend the stems to create an organic, fresh-cut look. 

Fluffing: For that fresh from the garden look, fluff up the petals and leaves of your artificial flowers. Some petals are wired and can be manipulated to imitate different stages of growth.


When not in use, store your wreath in a cool, dry place. We suggest using a coat hanger to conveniently store your wreath until next use. Plastic storage bins are also great options for safe storage.

When properly cleaned and stored, we generally estimate a 3-5 year lifespan for a wreath displayed in an outdoor environment. Wreaths utilized indoors can last a lifetime if cared for!

Are artificial wreaths safe for people with allergies?

Absolutely. Artificial wreaths are an excellent alternative for those allergic to pollen or certain plants, as they don’t carry the allergens and scents that real plants do.

Can I customize an artificial wreath?

Yes, contact the Design Decor team by emailing, we would love to help you create a piece you’ve been dreaming about that complements your personal style or seasonal decor.

How should I store my artificial wreath?

Store your wreath in a cool, dry place. Cover it with a plastic bag or store it in a wreath storage box to prevent dust and damage. Keep it in a shape-preserving manner, ideally hanging or laid flat on a supportive surface. It is important to purchase a wreath made from high quality materials that are able to be “fluffed” year after year for like-new quality even after storage.

Will the colors on my artificial wreath fade?

If exposed to direct sunlight over time, some fading may occur. Choose UV-resistant wreaths for outdoor use and rotate your wreaths seasonally to minimize prolonged exposure. Our product descriptions note if a wreath is especially conducive for outdoor use.

Are artificial wreaths environmentally friendly?

Many artificial wreaths are made from durable materials designed for long-term use, offering an eco-friendly alternative to seasonal replacements.

Do artificial wreaths look realistic?

Advances in manufacturing have led to highly realistic artificial wreaths. High-quality ones often feature lifelike textures and colors that mimic real plants closely. Design Decor only offers wreaths made with real-touch and/or superior quality materials for the most realistic look possible. Close-up photos of our faux floral are within each product profile so that you can get a realistic view of the piece.

Can I add fresh flowers or real greenery to my artificial wreath?

Absolutely - make it your own! Incorporating fresh elements into your artificial wreath can refresh its look and personalize it further. Just be mindful to replace the fresh additions as needed.

Where Is the Best Place to Display My Wreath?

Wreaths are incredibly versatile pieces of decor that can enhance various spaces within and outside your home. Here are some creative ways to incorporate wreaths into your decor for our Design Team:

Front Door: The classic choice. A beautiful wreath on your front door welcomes guests with warmth and style.

Living Room: Hang a wreath above the fireplace mantel or on a prominent wall for a focal point that adds texture and interest.

Windows: Inside or out, wreaths in windows look charming and can be enjoyed from both perspectives.

Kitchen: Add a small wreath above the kitchen sink window or on pantry doors for a touch of coziness.

Dining Room: Use a wreath as a centerpiece for your dining table by lying it flat and placing candles or a vase in the center.

Bedroom: A wreath hanging on or above the headboard adds a peaceful, decorative touch to bedrooms.

Entryway: Welcome guests and set the tone for your home’s style by hanging a wreath on the entry door or on a wall in the foyer.

Bathroom: A small wreath can add a spa-like feel when hung on the bathroom door or wall.

Patio or Porch: Outdoor seating areas are instantly more inviting with a wreath hanging on wall spaces or fence gates.

Above Furniture: A wreath hung above a bookshelf, console, or side table acts as eye-catching wall art.

Seasonal Table Settings: A wreath can serve as a novel base for seasonal decorations or as part of a table setting for special occasions.

Mirror Accents: Placing a wreath over a mirror doubles the visual impact and adds depth to your space.

Remember, the use of wreaths is not just limited to the holiday season. With various materials and designs available, you can find or create wreaths that complement your decor year-round. The key is to choose wreaths that reflect the style and palette of your space, whether it's minimalist, rustic, contemporary, or traditional.

How Do I Hang My Wreath?

Most of our wreaths come ready to hang with a thin, but durable wire loop found on the back and at the top of the wreath’s base. Most of our wreaths are lightweight, weighing under five pounds, but there is potential for larger or more embellished wreaths to weigh up to 10 pounds or more. Be mindful of weight as you evaluate the best way to hang your designer wreath.

Use an over-the-door hanger.

We suggest choosing a hanger that blends into your front door so it doesn’t draw attention away from the wreath. It should be said, however, that wreath hangers prevent some doors from closing properly, and the extra hardware could clutter your look.

String up with a ribbon.

Position your wreath on the door where you want it to hang, then measure the distance from the top of the door to just underneath the top arc of the wreath. Double the measurement plus two inches and cut the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon under the arc of the wreath and bring up the two ends so that they just go over the top of the door. You can secure the ribbon a few different ways: Staple it to the very top of the door using a staple gun, press in thumbtacks, or knot the top of the ribbon and attach it to the back inside of the door by catching it on a clear removable hook hung upside down. 

Use a magnetic hook.

If you have a metal door, you can still use the ribbon method with a slight modification. On the back of your door, near the top, place an upside-down magnetic hook (be wary of weight restrictions).

Use a metal/clear hook

There are many self-adhesive hook options available that will cause no damage to your interior or exterior space. Find one rated for the proper weight. Use 2 if needed.

Suspend your ribbon-looped wreath on the hook or use the existing wire loop to hang directly on the hook.

Use suction cup hangers on glass doors/windows

Vacuum suction cup hooks are perfect for hanging small and/or lightweight wreaths on interior windows and non-porous surfaces like mirrors.

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