How does this work?

Our decorators will work with you to create a custom design for theinterior of your home. This can include choosing colors, carpets, materials, wallcoverings, furnishings, etc. By working side-by-side with our clients, we makethis process a pleasure, not an ordeal.

What makes Design Decor different?

Our showroom brings our catalog of design themes to life each season, letting you see everything in person before it's set up in your home. Then, we do the work from A to Z.You pick the signature look, then we create, install, maintain and remove the decor to store it for next season. We'll provide a team of experts to install your decor alongside our designer. When it comes to the Christmas season, they will even bring custom floor coverings to ensure that not one piece of glitter is left behind.

What about after Christmas?

We will be there to take down the tree and all the other items that completed your Christmas look. They will be stored in our warehouse and kept safe and sound until next year.

Can you do the same thing for Spring?

Yes, we can decorate for Spring and every other season and/or specialevent. Just tell us what you need or see the newest looks in our design showroom.

What if I want you to design for Christmas and our annual Summer Fiesta?

We can do that as well! We can set up packages for holidays,seasons, parties and even special events. This will all be discussedat your consultation along with how you can be one of our VIP partners.

Is it just one room or a whole house look?

We can do one room or a whole house.  Just let us know what youlike, and our team is there to fill the bill. No need to worry aboutclean up, as we are trained to make sure that you have a perfect experience.

Are the plants and florals all artificial?

No. With our Master Florist, Linda Ridings, we can create fresh orsilk flower components and designs. Maybe you want a little of bothdepending on the event or holiday? We can also add so much withour incredible lighting that always accompanies our themes.

I want a consultation. Is it free?

Absolutely! We want to make sure that you understand the packages. So, why not call today and see what we can do to take the stress out of your seasonal and event decorating. Leave that to us, so you can enjoy the party and the compliments!Have a custom look at all your events and be the envy of your friends!

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